Friday, December 28, 2007

Yes, we are still alive...

I need to say i'm sorry to my fellow bloggers and readers. I haven't posted anything in forever. I'm usually the one giving people a hard time for not posting....and then look at me! Our lives these past few weeks have been crazy --- and honestly, aren't going to be getting any slower for awhile. We are in the process of buying in Lorena. We love the house. BUT its going to be a 'work in progress' for some time. AND don't forget also that we're trying to sell our house in Waco. if any of you would like to buy --- we'll cut ya an amazing deal! =) but really, if you've ever sold a house before... you know what we're going through. We've also had some amazing events happen over the last month our so....



Thursday, December 13, 2007

coming soon..

Scott, my rugged husband, graduates tomorrow from Truett!! ....all together now --- YEAH!
therefore, pictures to follow soon.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Macy's Christmas Wish List for Santa...

Macy and her daddy writing her wish list. It reads:

1. Mommy and Daddy to be happy.
2. Peyton to be happy.
3. New Home so I have a place to play
4. World Peace
5. A Fisher-Price play kitchen so I can cook like mommy
6. My two front teeth
7. Santa to eat all my cookies on Christmas Eve
I love you Santa


-----see! she is a genius, she even wrote her own Wish List!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Fun with the Shelton's

Macy has now officially had her 1st Thanksgiving. We had a great time these past few days visiting with family and relaxing. and "relaxing" is a somewhat relative term....we were busy doing things - BUT fun things! Scott, Macy and I traveled up to Dallas and spent time visiting with my family and scott's dad and family. We did some Christmas shopping (at 4am friday!), played Monopoly (and i won!=), ate a delicious meal (with amazing greenbean bundles), visited with Aledo folk, went to the Fort Worth Chirstmas Parade of Lights (in which Macy was dressed as a reindeer), met Santa Clause and Macy delivered her Christmas wish list (which, of course, included a desire for 'world peace').....we had a FUN holiday. The pictures are of some of our Thanksgiving adventures....

Friday, November 16, 2007

Macy "the genius" Shelton

Macy has been such a happy, fun and silly girl these past few days! Last night she was just laughing and playing the whole evening! She's discovered how to really really spalsh water out of the bathtub --- so naturally, she finds herself just hilarious! oh, and did i mention that she is a genius! (i'm pretty sure that i'm the first parent to ever say that!=) here's why: monday i was running bath water for macy (and i'd placed her in her room b/c she doesn't like how loud the water is filling up the tub) i'm checking the water temp making it just right when all of a sudden....i feel this light tug on my shirt....the genius that she is - had crawled all the way from her room (following the sound of the water) and sneaked up on her mom in the bathroom!!! See what i mean --- she's WAY beyond her years! ....nevermind that at this moment she is licking the fridge and can't quite master the sippy cup BUT we won't worry with that! =)
The photo above was from Wednesday night. Macy had played really hard at church. We'd gone and eating at Subway with some of the youth and she'd fallen asleep on the way home. (not uncommon.) Usually when we carry her inside - she wakes up. Well, this time I laid her down on the ground (b/c i needed to change her...) and she stayed asleep. She was beyond tired. Scott and I just laughed and enjoyed the sweet moment.
She is growing up to fast.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Scott always affectionatly refers to Macy as a "jailbird" in the mornings. You go to get her - you walk in her room and she peers at you through her crib bars. Its really adorable. Well, yesterday she took a awesome nap for 3 hours..and i go in to check on her and this is how i find our jailbird. She slept with her leg stuck in the bars the entire time --- i didn't dare move her. Even when she woke up - she didn't seem to mind!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

A "Pee"rific 9 month birthday!

Macy is 9 months old today! oh my goodness she is growing up WAY to fast! her personality is emerging --- and she is a ham! now that she can crawl: she gets into everything.....EVERYTHING! one of her favorite things right now is to crawl to the oven and pull down the towel thats drapped on the handle. I'll put it back up and place her in another room..and she'll intentionally crawl back to the kitchen and yank it down! Persistent little stinker!
Well, let me now explain the story behind the photos. I was trying to get macy ready for bed around 8pm before scott got home from class. I could NOT get a diaper on this girl to save my life -- she was rolling around everywhere. I was laughing - she was laughing - so i decided to just enjoy it. I turn the 'beast' loose! she just starts crawling everywhere...licking the walls....sitting under the table ... laughing at the baby in the fridge --- mind you, this is all done naked! i'm snapping photos and laughing - when all of a sudden I notice that macy is slipping on the kitchen floor.....yea, thats right - you guessed it --- macy tinkled all over the floor and was playing in it!! my big girl.
Our 9 month birthday ended with an "emergency bath" and application of one size 3 diaper!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bedrock moves to Lorena!! (...better late than never!)

Halloween ---- what fun! Tonight scott, macy and I were the Flinstones. Macy, of course, inspired our outfits...she was pebbles (notice her hair)and adorable like always! I "made" Fred and Wilma's outfits. I think they turned out pretty good considering they were made with hotglue,spraypaint and safety pins!! It's so fun to dress up! i love it. if anyone ever wants to host a dress up/costume party just for fun --- i WILL be there!

Monday, October 29, 2007

MOMS - what a blessing!

Moms are gracious. Moms are helpful. Moms understand. Moms provide. Moms are giving of time and energy.....
I could list on.... This past weekend I was able to have a 'break' from being a mom for a few days because of my two moms. My mother paid for me to attend a scapbooking retreat for the weekend - where i was able to relax and work on Macy's scrapbook album ( one of my most favorite things to do!) and I was able to go spend this fun weekend with my family and relax because my mother in law was gracious and came to waco to watch miss Macy all weekend! I am SO very lucky. Thank you both so much for ALL you do for me, scott and macy. She loves you both very much and so do I.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Leprecon School Teacher???

I took this picture of Macy monday morning. It was pretty cold and we were going to go run some errands in the morning. As you can see she is wearing a 'unique' shirt that my mom bought her before she was born. This shirt is a perfect example of something being really cute on the hanger...but once on the body a whole new story! The shirt has numbers, letters and other random school related things. I then paired this already strange outfit with green pants. Really you guys....i don't know why - it seemed reasonable at the moment. SO, now macy looks like a school teacher/corncob. BUT we haven't go to the 'best' part of my odd outfit. The shoes. I got these really cute hot pink mokasin type shoes for .99 cents!!! But by now, when its actually cold enough to wear them, shes outgrown the size. Well I, in my complete motherly wisdom, decide that i'm going to 'squeeze' them on her feet for at least one day (to get my buck worth!) As soon as i put them on and saw my AWESOME outfit in all its glory I started laughing --- so then Macy decided that she had to laugh too! and don't think after the photo i changed her...OH NO! she rocked this get up all day!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Macy and her Cribs...

Well, we've had many fun stories with cribs in the past two days. Macy is beginning to learn to 'pull up' --- she hasn't got it totally BUT will get half way up and then drop --- therefore, we've dropped down her crib mattress. After we did it i put macy in the crib standing up and she stood holding onto the crib for a couple of minutes just smiling and laughing at herself! ...almost saying "look at me! look at what a big girl i am!!"
Second story. I've begun to work part time (tues and thursday) at a mothers day out program --- today was only my second day BUT it seems like it will be a fun little 'something' for me to do...while getting a little money. Macy also is just a few rooms down the hall and gets to attend for free. Now to the story. Today the word spread that we were going to be having a practice fire drill between 10:30 - 11am. So of course, all the teachers were reminding there kids what we would do "if" there was a drill, etc. Well, the baby class decided that they would go ahead and get the babies outside to avoid them having to be scared by the loud bell. Have you ever thought what the procedure would be to evacuate infants due to a fire????? Let me enlighten you. The take all the babies and put them into a wheeled crib and wheel them down the hall -- then outside! Folks, picture this with me. Macy and 5 other babies are placed into a white crib and rolled down the hall. I hear crying (no, lets rephrase, screaming) coming from the hall and it sounds like my child...i peek out the door and i see macy cramped and sitting in this random crib with 5 other babies...being rolled down the hall and yelling like a wild child! i wish MORE THAN ANYTHING that i had my camera at that moment --- this would have been the picture of a lifetime!
...Gone are the days of cribs simply being furniture. They are now, balancing bars and wheeled transportation devices!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Party!

What a fun night. Adorable babies in a pumpkin patch, a giant corn maze AND a hayride...does life get much better than this? My friend Lindsay discovered about this great place for us to visit in West, TX (only about 15-20min away). So we pack up all the kiddos and head off. We drove through endless corn and cotton fields (...we begin to wonder if the place even exist) when we all of a sudden find it. We pay our fee -which was, in my opinion, i little pricey BUT going to support a family business ---therefore, ok....and our adventure begins. We take a lot of pictures with the pumpkins - naturally, our overly smiley babies are playing coy. BUT we sneak some cute ones. We then venture into the Giant Corn "Maize" -- keep in mind that its already dark. Scott finds one flashlight in our car and we head off - strollers in tow and all. We make it out of the maze without getting bit by a snake (thank goodness) and then we venture to.......(drumroll.....) the CORN GUNS. yes folks, you heard me right a corn gun. they would stick a corn cob into a air gun type thing and you would aim it at a target! lets just say...pretty awesome!!!! Lastly, we had our own private hayride. What fun! I loved getting to see the stars. Tonight was definilty a fun night out in the country. Macy's friends are: Noelle Fillingham (around 4 months) and Roy Carney (around 7 months)

Monday, October 8, 2007


Well, we've entered into another first. Macy tonight, on her 8 month birthday, is experiencing her first slumber party at Dede and Pawpaw's. Scott and I are at a youth ministers conference and much to my parents delight she is staying the night at their house. Now, shes spent the night there many times before BUT never without scott or I. And actually this is the first time she's spent the night alone at someone elses house ever! WHAT A BIG GIRL. i think of her being in our life for 8 months and its hard to imagine our life without her. I miss her greatly when shes not around.....BUT i know its so important and special for her to be with others without us.
I talked to my mom and dad quickly this evening and apparently Macy had discovered her long lost love of the piano. I hope to post some of her debut photos soon.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Attention! Attention!... we are definitly mobile!

Macy is all over the place. She definitly has her own unique type of crawling at the moment BUT She will "crawl" from the livingroom all the way into the kitchen --- this as you can imagine CHANGES EVERYTHING! say goodbye to the days of playing on a blanket. (bye, bye...we WILL miss you!)
Over the past few days Macy has already found "special" items or places in our home that she continually likes to visit ....for example: the candles in the fireplace are her favorite - she likes to knock them down! she likes to be under the kitchen table (sometimes sucking on the chairs! who knows!=) shes discovered plug-in air freshners (which, of course, have now been removed) and shoes on the floor are one of her favorites.
This afternoon (about 30 minutes ago) we had a span of about 10 minutes when Macy was ALL over the place. I was attempting to call and fix our crazy insurance situation and macy decided to...1. knock over a dr.pepper can and the ROLL in the spill! (hints why she is naked in the photo) 2. crawl over to daddy's books and begin to chew on them (mommy takes those away so we....) 3. Then decide to try and pull on the lamp cord! 4. And finally we finish off our 10 minutes of maddness by drooling all over the tv remote (which is by far our favorite 'toy' we cannot have)
I wanted to snap this photo and give you an idea of what a 'normal' afternoon is like in the life of Macy Joy Shelton!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Macy baby under water!!!

Isn't it crazy fun to see macy "swimming" under the water!? this photo was taken this summer (july) when macy and I went to visit her Great Great Grandma in Arizona. Macy loves to swim and play in the water --- she's so fun!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Pictures of Macy Joy! (i can't figure out how to turn the photos!?)

Macy as a Jazzerise instuctor on Napolene Dynamite night!

Macy with her "Puff Vest"....her daddy couldn't be more excited!

Macy last Sunday after church

Friday, September 21, 2007

Party Animal???

These two photos of Miss Macy are great - they show her dedicated and fun attitude...her desire to be about the 'party' as long as possible until she just can't stay awake any longer and......falls asleep. Both of these photos were taken about a month ago and both were taken on a Sunday night. We have Engage with the youth where we meet, hang out and have a Bible study at a home. Macy is SO great in these moments. People, the youth and parents, just love her. Its so fun as her parents to watch her interact with others..... Engage typically ends at her bedtime - therefore the pictures now make sense! =)

Thursday, September 13, 2007


my grandpa...macy's more pawpaw

Scott and I have decided to stay in Waco. We feel called to First Baptist Lorena and are hoping to be able to even move out to the community. Alot of thought and prayer went into this decision....but we're confidnet that this is what God would have for us right now in our lives.
With that of the perks to remaining in central texas is family! We are pretty close to everyone in our family on both sides. We are only 3hours from Gammie and Grandpa in Houston. Only hour and half from Granddaddy in Ft. Worth. Two hours from DeDe and PawPaw in Dallas! Lets not forget Macy's GREAT grandparents! what a blessing that she can grow up knowing them!
With scotts job being as flex as it is.....we'll never know the exact duration we'll be in any given location - therefore, i've decided that its vital to relish the proximity we have to our families.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

more is coming...keep checking!

hello everyone. scott and i just recently got a mac. we LOVE it...but haven't yet figured everything out. tonight one of the projects on our agenda (my agenda=) is to figure out how to 'dump' pictures off our camera onto the computer. Needlesstosay, i hope to post pictures and stories soon!
we'll continue to keep you in suspense....never knowing when a new blog will appear!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

"Let the little children come to me..."

Children are admired in our western culture today. Tonight at dinner Macy was feeling grumpy which made eating a little difficult. The lady at the next table walked over and offered to hold her while Steph and I finish eating dinner. I politely denied her thoughtful request. My are beloved. We spend most of our income and time providing for thier every need/want.

The times of Christ were much different than our culture. Kids were in a "holding pattern" until they could reach adulthood. They were not good for much until they were helping the family earn money. Imagine with me...Jesus and his disciples are trying to make their way somewhere and a group of children come running up to Jesus. The disciples begin to push them away. The children laugh and persist to reach Jesus. The disciples are becoming more and more disgusted with these rude little children. They must be thinking, "where are these kids parents?" Then Jesus stops interacting with the adults and says, "Let these children come to me." The disciples are stunned because there is a line of adults waiting to see Jesus. Yet, he stops for little (worthless) children. This is not just a story about Jesus' love for children. It is about Jesus shifting the roles in society.

The pic's are from the trip to South Texas we took this summer. Macy Joy was a joy to the people. Is Macy in a "holding pattern" to be used and influence? Definatly not.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Nap Time Woes!

well, Macy is sitting in my lap right now as I type....but on a typical day she is napping. She did not want to nap today.....i'll rephrase - she took a 15 minute power nap and called it good. She made a little "i'm awake" noise from her crib...i go to check on her - she sees me and smiles HUGE! what a little stinker. The next 30 minutes consisted of me trying to convince her that she DID want to nap and macy protesting. finally i decided to relent. for mace face! =)
At the moment, she is laughing and smiling --- enjoying life. She is such joy. I don't want to miss a moment - she changes so quickly. Life is good.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

well....our blog is kinda starting to work again. The blog allowed me to post these pictures but I had about 5 more from Europe and for whatever reason....those wouldn't work!? I'll keep on trying.
Side note: Scott, Macy and I just got back from mission trip yesterday. We'll try and post about Macy's frist mission experience soon.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

....growing up too fast!

Macy is changing constantly. Every stage is so different and exciting. Macy's doctor told us that once she was 4 months we could start introducing 'solids' if we wanted for fun.....of course, Scott and I eagerly waited. Once we got home from Europe we bought some mushed up peas, pears and other 'nasty sounding' baby food. In our minds we thought for sure Macy would love to eat 'big girl' foods (since she's such a chunk...) we got out her chair, baby spoon, bibs and all.

She wasn't interested.

She would barely open her mouth and if some food found its way in....she'd try and spit it out!

It was really fun to see her experience and try things for the very first time....but, i was instantly reminded to cherish each moment and stage of her life. Not that we were wrong by any means for offering her new foods...BUT that here in a few months she'll be grabbing stuff of the table to eat, and soon she'll be crawling, and then walking, then talking, etc.....

Each 'stage' is precious and fun in its own way. She is going to grow up fast enough already--- just stop and enjoy it.

what a thrill to be a parent.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Macy's 1st in Europe

Well, we have been back from Europe for 2 weeks now...just now getting in a normal routine! There were a few highlights and a few Macy 1st. Here are some of the 1st:

1.) On a plane.

1.) In a foreign country.

1.) Riding the Underground (London..."Mind the Gap") and the Metro (France...yuck!)

1.) Visiting London Palaces

1.) Naked on a London Park bench with explosive poo-poo!

1.) Naked under the Eiffel Tower with explosive poo-poo!

1.) Naked on the Chunnel (London to Paris train)

1.) Hiked in the Swiss Alps

1.) Slept on the bouncy roads of Germany

Here are some of the pictures to prove we were in Europe!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Europe Awaits!

Hello All! The Waco Shelton's will be traveling through Europe for the next two weeks (May 17-June 9) so we are signing off. If we have time we may write a blog or two but no promises. Be back soon...

The picture is of Macy's first strike in bowling. As you might imagine...Stephanie was excited.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Who does Macy look more like? Cast your vote today!

Rock the Vote!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Could it be predestined?

Did God predestine this union before the foundation of creation? (read with sarcastic tone). Carndog seems to believe so.

The flow of life...

The past few weekends we have been traveling around the state to attend graduations for Stephanie's family. Daniel (Steph's brother) graduated from Texas A&M and Allie (Steph's cousin) graduated from Berkner High School. I also, preached a sermon Sunday to our graduating Seniors in Lorena. It got me thinking...

Life is constantly changing and progressing. People move in and out of our lives. This process can be hard or maybe even exciting. Hard because it is difficult to image a life different then what we are experiencing...we have become comfortable in our routines and friendships. Exciting because there is a world that is waiting for us to experience. Some of our friends have/are graduating from seminary in the coming months...I must say that Stephanie and I have a hard time imaging Waco without them.

If they never left or I never changed, life could become routine. Don't get me wrong, routine is not always bad. However, when it keeps us from everything "else" it becomes troublesome. Loss is apart of life. A professor said this semester, "we must grieve eachother." Nothing is solved by staying as we are. Our ideas change and we must grieve our old way. Our friends move away and we must learn what to do on Friday nights again. Loss and change are scary. However, missing out on the world is worse.

May you have peace in your pain and hope in your grief.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

most important?

What is most important in life? When Macy was born Dr. Mike Stroope (Truett Seminary professor) visited us at the hospital and told us, "Sheltons, this is your most important job in life." If you spend much time with me you will notice how often I refer to Dr. Stroope, so I tend to cling to every word coming from his mouth.

This week Macy has been coming to work with me as Stephanie is finishing up teaching. I am constatnly reminded that Macy is present...she will cry for her passy or cry to be held. Today we changed the oil in my car and got the vehicle registeration renewed. Last Friday we went to the mall becaue she needed a pair of shoes for her Uncle Dan's graduation (we got 4 pairs). Everyone at the mall looks at me with the smile that seems to say, "You're cute with your daughter." This week I am being reminded about what is most important in life. I do it not because I love the attention from middle aged women who wonder around the mall on Friday morning...I do it because I love Macy. I do it because Macy is most important. Perhaps the reason minister's children have a negative sterotype (and often live up to them) is because ministers have forgotten about what is most important.

I love to be with people, as a minister, in the joy and pain that accompany life. I spend long hours thinking up strategies about programs and outreach. However, this is not what is most important. I believe when I am loving my wife and daughter and taking care of myself that I am actually being the best minister. The most important things in life are sometimes the most overlooked and pushed aside. Why? Maybe because they are always there. Maybe because we know we can call anytime. The most important things in life are right in front of us. For me, the most important "thing" is asleep in the next room waiting to grow up.

Macy Joy at 3 months!

This is the latest picture we've taken of macy. Isn't it adorable!

Scott gave me a copy of this picture as a part of my mothers day gift....he had taken it when I was away at work. BUT the even cooler thing was that he had also bought a 'clay type mold thing' from Hobby Lobby and made two little imprints of macys hands for me! ....needlesstosay, i was crying like a baby.

what a sweet hubby.

enjoy my adorable baby girl.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

i wonder who did macy's hair????

Macy, as of late, sports a mohawk as much as possible.

It's been really fun that shes kept all her hair ---- its slowly getting a little lighter...i'm curious if it'll stay brown?!

enjoy our 'punk rocker' baby!!! i really even know what i'm doing?

well, i think i've finally been convinced to set up a blog....i'm thinking that this will be a great way to keep people posted on what the shelton clan is up to in Waco (i.e. FUN CITY)

I'm working on this blog while at school - when i guess, i should be doing something productive...

i have a little more than a week left at work and scott is taking care of sweet macy baby. (i like to affectionatly refer to him as Mr. Mom)

This first picture is one of Macy at Silver Dollar City at the end of April (yes, i did say silver dollar city!) she was just hangin'....only cool babies wear shades! =)