Sunday, April 19, 2009


The Shelton family is busy and crazy like always! Macy is REALLY talking a lot now.....i'll have an entire conversations with her and then it'll dawn on me that.....i just had a lengthy and detailed conversation with my two year old! she is becoming such the big girl - so then naturally, she wants to do 'big girl' things: she loves to help me cook in the kitchen, she likes to help give linc baths, she'll sometimes sit on the big girl potty (and sometimes even go...) , she loves playing outside, loves to run and gallop like a horse --- many nights scott and i will go into her room to turn off her lamp and just smile at our baby girl asleep in her toddler bed 'reading' books! Linc is also becoming quite the little man! He is developing such the little personality and charm. He is almost 6 months and a chunk. He loves his exersaucer and laughing at his sister. Lincoln loves cereal - if your not watching he'll grab the spoon and put it in his mouth all on his own. He is an easy smile and a great cuddlebug. He is such a sweet boy.
Here are some of our latest family pics.....from random to Easter! enjoy!