Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Macy and her Cribs...

Well, we've had many fun stories with cribs in the past two days. Macy is beginning to learn to 'pull up' --- she hasn't got it totally BUT will get half way up and then drop --- therefore, we've dropped down her crib mattress. After we did it i put macy in the crib standing up and she stood holding onto the crib for a couple of minutes just smiling and laughing at herself! ...almost saying "look at me! look at what a big girl i am!!"
Second story. I've begun to work part time (tues and thursday) at a mothers day out program --- today was only my second day BUT it seems like it will be a fun little 'something' for me to do...while getting a little money. Macy also is just a few rooms down the hall and gets to attend for free. Now to the story. Today the word spread that we were going to be having a practice fire drill between 10:30 - 11am. So of course, all the teachers were reminding there kids what we would do "if" there was a drill, etc. Well, the baby class decided that they would go ahead and get the babies outside to avoid them having to be scared by the loud bell. Have you ever thought what the procedure would be to evacuate infants due to a fire????? Let me enlighten you. The take all the babies and put them into a wheeled crib and wheel them down the hall -- then outside! Folks, picture this with me. Macy and 5 other babies are placed into a white crib and rolled down the hall. I hear crying (no, lets rephrase, screaming) coming from the hall and it sounds like my child...i peek out the door and i see macy cramped and sitting in this random crib with 5 other babies...being rolled down the hall and yelling like a wild child! i wish MORE THAN ANYTHING that i had my camera at that moment --- this would have been the picture of a lifetime!
...Gone are the days of cribs simply being furniture. They are now, balancing bars and wheeled transportation devices!


bcovin said...

Ha ha! I can imagine what that must have looked like! Right now, our crib is completely useless. Garri sleeps either with us, or just on the mattress on the floor.