Wednesday, May 16, 2007

most important?

What is most important in life? When Macy was born Dr. Mike Stroope (Truett Seminary professor) visited us at the hospital and told us, "Sheltons, this is your most important job in life." If you spend much time with me you will notice how often I refer to Dr. Stroope, so I tend to cling to every word coming from his mouth.

This week Macy has been coming to work with me as Stephanie is finishing up teaching. I am constatnly reminded that Macy is present...she will cry for her passy or cry to be held. Today we changed the oil in my car and got the vehicle registeration renewed. Last Friday we went to the mall becaue she needed a pair of shoes for her Uncle Dan's graduation (we got 4 pairs). Everyone at the mall looks at me with the smile that seems to say, "You're cute with your daughter." This week I am being reminded about what is most important in life. I do it not because I love the attention from middle aged women who wonder around the mall on Friday morning...I do it because I love Macy. I do it because Macy is most important. Perhaps the reason minister's children have a negative sterotype (and often live up to them) is because ministers have forgotten about what is most important.

I love to be with people, as a minister, in the joy and pain that accompany life. I spend long hours thinking up strategies about programs and outreach. However, this is not what is most important. I believe when I am loving my wife and daughter and taking care of myself that I am actually being the best minister. The most important things in life are sometimes the most overlooked and pushed aside. Why? Maybe because they are always there. Maybe because we know we can call anytime. The most important things in life are right in front of us. For me, the most important "thing" is asleep in the next room waiting to grow up.


Carn-Dog said...


these are some good thoughts. I would like to add just one correction.

In your post I read a lot of "I." Like Scott Shelton is actually responsible for what happens.

Let me remind you that the only thing you can do is note the provident hand of God moving people through history for his divine purposes.

You're lucky if God predestines you to observe it from time to time.

you're welcome

Jim Shelton said...

Dear Macy: You are adorable and you must be very smart too, since you picked such loving, caring and wise parents!

My guess is that your hair will turn more blond, given your genetics. Those precious cheeks could be genetic on you Dad's side of the family. Have a great time in Europe. Love, Uncle Jim

katy and stu conry said...

Scott this was really great...I think I got a little tear in my eye! Stu can never think of anything "blog appropriate" to write...if you catch my drift... -katy

Lauren said...

Scott, Steph, & Macy:

We are so thankful you set up a blog. First things first: Macy is overwhelmingly beautiful! Just from the pictures I can tell that she is thriving and happy. Children have this instinct for knowing when they are loved and enjoyed, and it shows in Macy. I'm so thrilled that we share the path.

OK, here's a message from Audrey: c , cxdd//. 6.;u[;g89jtrgfbvfl8u9

love ya!

mountain life said...

i beleive skiing and climbing are most important.and texas high school football.

Lee said...

You know who also gets a lot of attention from middle aged women - Kevin Schott....has that joke already been made? Feel free to delete this comment. This is probably not appropriate for a family blog.

Texas High School Football rules...