Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Fun with the Shelton's

Macy has now officially had her 1st Thanksgiving. We had a great time these past few days visiting with family and relaxing. and "relaxing" is a somewhat relative term....we were busy doing things - BUT fun things! Scott, Macy and I traveled up to Dallas and spent time visiting with my family and scott's dad and family. We did some Christmas shopping (at 4am friday!), played Monopoly (and i won!=), ate a delicious meal (with amazing greenbean bundles), visited with Aledo folk, went to the Fort Worth Chirstmas Parade of Lights (in which Macy was dressed as a reindeer), met Santa Clause and Macy delivered her Christmas wish list (which, of course, included a desire for 'world peace').....we had a FUN holiday. The pictures are of some of our Thanksgiving adventures....

Friday, November 16, 2007

Macy "the genius" Shelton

Macy has been such a happy, fun and silly girl these past few days! Last night she was just laughing and playing the whole evening! She's discovered how to really really spalsh water out of the bathtub --- so naturally, she finds herself just hilarious! oh, and did i mention that she is a genius! (i'm pretty sure that i'm the first parent to ever say that!=) here's why: monday i was running bath water for macy (and i'd placed her in her room b/c she doesn't like how loud the water is filling up the tub) i'm checking the water temp making it just right when all of a sudden....i feel this light tug on my shirt....the genius that she is - had crawled all the way from her room (following the sound of the water) and sneaked up on her mom in the bathroom!!! See what i mean --- she's WAY beyond her years! ....nevermind that at this moment she is licking the fridge and can't quite master the sippy cup BUT we won't worry with that! =)
The photo above was from Wednesday night. Macy had played really hard at church. We'd gone and eating at Subway with some of the youth and she'd fallen asleep on the way home. (not uncommon.) Usually when we carry her inside - she wakes up. Well, this time I laid her down on the ground (b/c i needed to change her...) and she stayed asleep. She was beyond tired. Scott and I just laughed and enjoyed the sweet moment.
She is growing up to fast.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Scott always affectionatly refers to Macy as a "jailbird" in the mornings. You go to get her - you walk in her room and she peers at you through her crib bars. Its really adorable. Well, yesterday she took a awesome nap for 3 hours..and i go in to check on her and this is how i find our jailbird. She slept with her leg stuck in the bars the entire time --- i didn't dare move her. Even when she woke up - she didn't seem to mind!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

A "Pee"rific 9 month birthday!

Macy is 9 months old today! oh my goodness she is growing up WAY to fast! her personality is emerging --- and she is a ham! now that she can crawl: she gets into everything.....EVERYTHING! one of her favorite things right now is to crawl to the oven and pull down the towel thats drapped on the handle. I'll put it back up and place her in another room..and she'll intentionally crawl back to the kitchen and yank it down! Persistent little stinker!
Well, let me now explain the story behind the photos. I was trying to get macy ready for bed around 8pm before scott got home from class. I could NOT get a diaper on this girl to save my life -- she was rolling around everywhere. I was laughing - she was laughing - so i decided to just enjoy it. I turn the 'beast' loose! she just starts crawling everywhere...licking the walls....sitting under the table ... laughing at the baby in the fridge --- mind you, this is all done naked! i'm snapping photos and laughing - when all of a sudden I notice that macy is slipping on the kitchen floor.....yea, thats right - you guessed it --- macy tinkled all over the floor and was playing in it!! my big girl.
Our 9 month birthday ended with an "emergency bath" and application of one size 3 diaper!