Friday, May 25, 2007

Europe Awaits!

Hello All! The Waco Shelton's will be traveling through Europe for the next two weeks (May 17-June 9) so we are signing off. If we have time we may write a blog or two but no promises. Be back soon...

The picture is of Macy's first strike in bowling. As you might imagine...Stephanie was excited.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Who does Macy look more like? Cast your vote today!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Could it be predestined?

Did God predestine this union before the foundation of creation? (read with sarcastic tone). Carndog seems to believe so.

The flow of life...

The past few weekends we have been traveling around the state to attend graduations for Stephanie's family. Daniel (Steph's brother) graduated from Texas A&M and Allie (Steph's cousin) graduated from Berkner High School. I also, preached a sermon Sunday to our graduating Seniors in Lorena. It got me thinking...

Life is constantly changing and progressing. People move in and out of our lives. This process can be hard or maybe even exciting. Hard because it is difficult to image a life different then what we are experiencing...we have become comfortable in our routines and friendships. Exciting because there is a world that is waiting for us to experience. Some of our friends have/are graduating from seminary in the coming months...I must say that Stephanie and I have a hard time imaging Waco without them.

If they never left or I never changed, life could become routine. Don't get me wrong, routine is not always bad. However, when it keeps us from everything "else" it becomes troublesome. Loss is apart of life. A professor said this semester, "we must grieve eachother." Nothing is solved by staying as we are. Our ideas change and we must grieve our old way. Our friends move away and we must learn what to do on Friday nights again. Loss and change are scary. However, missing out on the world is worse.

May you have peace in your pain and hope in your grief.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

most important?

What is most important in life? When Macy was born Dr. Mike Stroope (Truett Seminary professor) visited us at the hospital and told us, "Sheltons, this is your most important job in life." If you spend much time with me you will notice how often I refer to Dr. Stroope, so I tend to cling to every word coming from his mouth.

This week Macy has been coming to work with me as Stephanie is finishing up teaching. I am constatnly reminded that Macy is present...she will cry for her passy or cry to be held. Today we changed the oil in my car and got the vehicle registeration renewed. Last Friday we went to the mall becaue she needed a pair of shoes for her Uncle Dan's graduation (we got 4 pairs). Everyone at the mall looks at me with the smile that seems to say, "You're cute with your daughter." This week I am being reminded about what is most important in life. I do it not because I love the attention from middle aged women who wonder around the mall on Friday morning...I do it because I love Macy. I do it because Macy is most important. Perhaps the reason minister's children have a negative sterotype (and often live up to them) is because ministers have forgotten about what is most important.

I love to be with people, as a minister, in the joy and pain that accompany life. I spend long hours thinking up strategies about programs and outreach. However, this is not what is most important. I believe when I am loving my wife and daughter and taking care of myself that I am actually being the best minister. The most important things in life are sometimes the most overlooked and pushed aside. Why? Maybe because they are always there. Maybe because we know we can call anytime. The most important things in life are right in front of us. For me, the most important "thing" is asleep in the next room waiting to grow up.

Macy Joy at 3 months!

This is the latest picture we've taken of macy. Isn't it adorable!

Scott gave me a copy of this picture as a part of my mothers day gift....he had taken it when I was away at work. BUT the even cooler thing was that he had also bought a 'clay type mold thing' from Hobby Lobby and made two little imprints of macys hands for me! ....needlesstosay, i was crying like a baby.

what a sweet hubby.

enjoy my adorable baby girl.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

i wonder who did macy's hair????

Macy, as of late, sports a mohawk as much as possible.

It's been really fun that shes kept all her hair ---- its slowly getting a little lighter...i'm curious if it'll stay brown?!

enjoy our 'punk rocker' baby!!! i really even know what i'm doing?

well, i think i've finally been convinced to set up a blog....i'm thinking that this will be a great way to keep people posted on what the shelton clan is up to in Waco (i.e. FUN CITY)

I'm working on this blog while at school - when i guess, i should be doing something productive...

i have a little more than a week left at work and scott is taking care of sweet macy baby. (i like to affectionatly refer to him as Mr. Mom)

This first picture is one of Macy at Silver Dollar City at the end of April (yes, i did say silver dollar city!) she was just hangin'....only cool babies wear shades! =)