Thursday, November 8, 2007

A "Pee"rific 9 month birthday!

Macy is 9 months old today! oh my goodness she is growing up WAY to fast! her personality is emerging --- and she is a ham! now that she can crawl: she gets into everything.....EVERYTHING! one of her favorite things right now is to crawl to the oven and pull down the towel thats drapped on the handle. I'll put it back up and place her in another room..and she'll intentionally crawl back to the kitchen and yank it down! Persistent little stinker!
Well, let me now explain the story behind the photos. I was trying to get macy ready for bed around 8pm before scott got home from class. I could NOT get a diaper on this girl to save my life -- she was rolling around everywhere. I was laughing - she was laughing - so i decided to just enjoy it. I turn the 'beast' loose! she just starts crawling everywhere...licking the walls....sitting under the table ... laughing at the baby in the fridge --- mind you, this is all done naked! i'm snapping photos and laughing - when all of a sudden I notice that macy is slipping on the kitchen floor.....yea, thats right - you guessed it --- macy tinkled all over the floor and was playing in it!! my big girl.
Our 9 month birthday ended with an "emergency bath" and application of one size 3 diaper!


Lindsay said...

These pictures are amazing!

swebb said...

Barefoot and naked women in the kitchen...the way life so be!!