Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Fun!

We had a really fun Easter. Macy is really starting to walk more... she's been "walking" for a few weeks BUT not really toddlin' around until real recent ...and even that she does when she pleases - thank you very much. - she says.
the most memorable event happened on friday. my friend had told me that at Wal-mart on friday and saturday they were going to be taking free pictures with the easter bunny. i was pumped! b/c it was free - unlike the mall or other places AND i didn't know how mj would respond....and i didn't want to waste money! so, we show up (i'm expecting a line) i've already had to drag scott to just go in the store (he hates wal-mart) and we don't see anything. I talk to the manager - no bunny. they call back to the photo lab and then we're informed that its only saturday and sunday. I was confused BUT gave in thinking that i had just gotten the days confused. We're leaving "hell" as scott referes to it...and i see the huge poster on the wall saying "FREE PHOTO WITH THE EASTER BUNNY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY" ya'll know me. ---- gosh darnit, we're getting our picture! needlesstosay, i have to walk the photo lady up to the front to 'prove' to her i wasn't lying and show her the poster and she then tells me she's going to find someone to put on the suit. MJ, scott and i make our way back to the photo center (mind you, we've been here and hour at this point!) They 'supposidly' can't find someone to put the costume on - so naturally, i volunteer my husband! (who refuses) therefore, in my mind the only logically thing to do was to be the Easter Bunny myself! I put on the costume (don't think of where its been....) and we begin to walk down to the dairy section where the photo setup is located...
at this point random children are starting to mingle towards me....little kids are yelling and waving at me across the store...its amazing! macy is loving it - scott is dying laughing - i'm constantling moving around so kids don't form a line! finally, we just take our photo infront of the eggs b/c somehow the setup had gotten dumped (gotta love wal-mart) --- always and adventure.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Shelton's + last tuesday + church folks = VIP

lets just say that last tuesday scott and i were rubbin' elbows with the rich and famous! A guy at our church is on the board of directors for the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. He calls and tells us he as two extra tickets if we'd like to go......and we get to meet and take photos with the inductees. of course we said YES! ...i'll make the story quick --- we go to meet Mike Modano, Mia Hamm, Ray Childress, Michael Irvin, Spike Dykes, and a few others! AND Brett Hull was there to support his friend Modano (for those of you non hockey people --- brett hull is bobby hull son - both hall of fame hockey players!) a professional took our photos with all the people (and we don't have them yet) BUT here are the the photos we took with our own camera.
what fun to feel 'famous' for a night! =)