Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Leprecon School Teacher???

I took this picture of Macy monday morning. It was pretty cold and we were going to go run some errands in the morning. As you can see she is wearing a 'unique' shirt that my mom bought her before she was born. This shirt is a perfect example of something being really cute on the hanger...but once on the body a whole new story! The shirt has numbers, letters and other random school related things. I then paired this already strange outfit with green pants. Really you guys....i don't know why - it seemed reasonable at the moment. SO, now macy looks like a school teacher/corncob. BUT we haven't go to the 'best' part of my odd outfit. The shoes. I got these really cute hot pink mokasin type shoes for .99 cents!!! But by now, when its actually cold enough to wear them, shes outgrown the size. Well I, in my complete motherly wisdom, decide that i'm going to 'squeeze' them on her feet for at least one day (to get my buck worth!) As soon as i put them on and saw my AWESOME outfit in all its glory I started laughing --- so then Macy decided that she had to laugh too! and don't think after the photo i changed her...OH NO! she rocked this get up all day!


Dede said...

Ok already - the t-shirt looked alot cuter in the boutique at the Gaylord . . . She looks so GROWN UP! I miss her so much! All my love, Dede