Friday, February 26, 2010

if anyone is still out there...

Well.....i don't know if anyone will even see this post b/c...why check? ...its been FOREVER since i've posted anything!?
SO if you are the rare person that still checks our blog here are some fun random pics over the past few months...

a group shot from DNOW a few weekends ago....HUGE success. Scott did an amazing job of planning and organizing.
FUN and important weekend for our students....and i didn't hurt that David Crowder Band came and did a concert!
this pic is with my phone so not the best but if you look hard you can see the band on the stage...

Macy and Linc at the "dino park" by our house

...i'm attempting to get a pic of them before heading to MDO...this day was Pajama Day!

Linc is SUPER messy when he eats....i'm taking a pic of him and OF COURSE big sister wants in too.

Lincoln's 1st plane ride

We had an AMAZING time a Disney World....too many great pictures to post!

My parents took Macy to see Mickey Mouse LIVE --- she LOVED it! i don't think she moved the entire time! this is a pic afterwards

Macy's 1st trip on a school bus. She told me 'she was a big kid now'

Macy and I making smores with the youth.......i thought it was to not bring my little man around the open flames! =)