Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Pictures of Macy Joy! (i can't figure out how to turn the photos!?)

Macy as a Jazzerise instuctor on Napolene Dynamite night!

Macy with her "Puff Vest"....her daddy couldn't be more excited!

Macy last Sunday after church

Friday, September 21, 2007

Party Animal???

These two photos of Miss Macy are great - they show her dedicated and fun attitude...her desire to be about the 'party' as long as possible until she just can't stay awake any longer and......falls asleep. Both of these photos were taken about a month ago and both were taken on a Sunday night. We have Engage with the youth where we meet, hang out and have a Bible study at a home. Macy is SO great in these moments. People, the youth and parents, just love her. Its so fun as her parents to watch her interact with others..... Engage typically ends at her bedtime - therefore the pictures now make sense! =)

Thursday, September 13, 2007


my grandpa...macy's more pawpaw

Scott and I have decided to stay in Waco. We feel called to First Baptist Lorena and are hoping to be able to even move out to the community. Alot of thought and prayer went into this decision....but we're confidnet that this is what God would have for us right now in our lives.
With that of the perks to remaining in central texas is family! We are pretty close to everyone in our family on both sides. We are only 3hours from Gammie and Grandpa in Houston. Only hour and half from Granddaddy in Ft. Worth. Two hours from DeDe and PawPaw in Dallas! Lets not forget Macy's GREAT grandparents! what a blessing that she can grow up knowing them!
With scotts job being as flex as it is.....we'll never know the exact duration we'll be in any given location - therefore, i've decided that its vital to relish the proximity we have to our families.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

more is coming...keep checking!

hello everyone. scott and i just recently got a mac. we LOVE it...but haven't yet figured everything out. tonight one of the projects on our agenda (my agenda=) is to figure out how to 'dump' pictures off our camera onto the computer. Needlesstosay, i hope to post pictures and stories soon!
we'll continue to keep you in suspense....never knowing when a new blog will appear!