Friday, October 12, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Party!

What a fun night. Adorable babies in a pumpkin patch, a giant corn maze AND a hayride...does life get much better than this? My friend Lindsay discovered about this great place for us to visit in West, TX (only about 15-20min away). So we pack up all the kiddos and head off. We drove through endless corn and cotton fields (...we begin to wonder if the place even exist) when we all of a sudden find it. We pay our fee -which was, in my opinion, i little pricey BUT going to support a family business ---therefore, ok....and our adventure begins. We take a lot of pictures with the pumpkins - naturally, our overly smiley babies are playing coy. BUT we sneak some cute ones. We then venture into the Giant Corn "Maize" -- keep in mind that its already dark. Scott finds one flashlight in our car and we head off - strollers in tow and all. We make it out of the maze without getting bit by a snake (thank goodness) and then we venture to.......(drumroll.....) the CORN GUNS. yes folks, you heard me right a corn gun. they would stick a corn cob into a air gun type thing and you would aim it at a target! lets just say...pretty awesome!!!! Lastly, we had our own private hayride. What fun! I loved getting to see the stars. Tonight was definilty a fun night out in the country. Macy's friends are: Noelle Fillingham (around 4 months) and Roy Carney (around 7 months)


Nathan Carson said...

Hey, sounds like a blast! We live in waco, and we'd like to take our family out to this, but can't find it online. Do you remember the name of this place?


Nathan Carson