Thursday, August 9, 2007

"Let the little children come to me..."

Children are admired in our western culture today. Tonight at dinner Macy was feeling grumpy which made eating a little difficult. The lady at the next table walked over and offered to hold her while Steph and I finish eating dinner. I politely denied her thoughtful request. My are beloved. We spend most of our income and time providing for thier every need/want.

The times of Christ were much different than our culture. Kids were in a "holding pattern" until they could reach adulthood. They were not good for much until they were helping the family earn money. Imagine with me...Jesus and his disciples are trying to make their way somewhere and a group of children come running up to Jesus. The disciples begin to push them away. The children laugh and persist to reach Jesus. The disciples are becoming more and more disgusted with these rude little children. They must be thinking, "where are these kids parents?" Then Jesus stops interacting with the adults and says, "Let these children come to me." The disciples are stunned because there is a line of adults waiting to see Jesus. Yet, he stops for little (worthless) children. This is not just a story about Jesus' love for children. It is about Jesus shifting the roles in society.

The pic's are from the trip to South Texas we took this summer. Macy Joy was a joy to the people. Is Macy in a "holding pattern" to be used and influence? Definatly not.


mountain life said...

which one is macy again?