Monday, July 13, 2009

New Pics...

hello everyone!
well, to say our life has been 'crazy' the past few weeks....would be an understatement.
We now live in Houston, scott has started a new job as the student minister at Jersey Village Baptist Church. Also, Macy has an eye condition called Esotropia. Basically meaning, her eyes aren't aligned properly. She is also farsided and therefore needing to wear glasses now. She'll be having eye surgery on Friday july 18th to move and reattach the muscles on her eyes. please pray for her -
we are doing great. macy is making lots of new friends and loves that her 'new church' has 3 playgrounds!

Kroger is huge in H-town...good thing they have these awesome carts!

my family got together and had a GREAT 4th of July get- together...this is not the best pic BUT it definitely captures the craziness of the weekend!

isn't she adorable.

Scott and his kiddos at JVBC in the Warehouse (the amazing youth building)