Sunday, July 1, 2007

....growing up too fast!

Macy is changing constantly. Every stage is so different and exciting. Macy's doctor told us that once she was 4 months we could start introducing 'solids' if we wanted for fun.....of course, Scott and I eagerly waited. Once we got home from Europe we bought some mushed up peas, pears and other 'nasty sounding' baby food. In our minds we thought for sure Macy would love to eat 'big girl' foods (since she's such a chunk...) we got out her chair, baby spoon, bibs and all.

She wasn't interested.

She would barely open her mouth and if some food found its way in....she'd try and spit it out!

It was really fun to see her experience and try things for the very first time....but, i was instantly reminded to cherish each moment and stage of her life. Not that we were wrong by any means for offering her new foods...BUT that here in a few months she'll be grabbing stuff of the table to eat, and soon she'll be crawling, and then walking, then talking, etc.....

Each 'stage' is precious and fun in its own way. She is going to grow up fast enough already--- just stop and enjoy it.

what a thrill to be a parent.


mountain life said...

i like that foto.i am putting it as my backdrop.