Monday, March 17, 2008

Shelton's + last tuesday + church folks = VIP

lets just say that last tuesday scott and i were rubbin' elbows with the rich and famous! A guy at our church is on the board of directors for the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. He calls and tells us he as two extra tickets if we'd like to go......and we get to meet and take photos with the inductees. of course we said YES! ...i'll make the story quick --- we go to meet Mike Modano, Mia Hamm, Ray Childress, Michael Irvin, Spike Dykes, and a few others! AND Brett Hull was there to support his friend Modano (for those of you non hockey people --- brett hull is bobby hull son - both hall of fame hockey players!) a professional took our photos with all the people (and we don't have them yet) BUT here are the the photos we took with our own camera.
what fun to feel 'famous' for a night! =)