Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Macy is ONE!!

Scott and i took this picture of macy the day after her birthday....we're thinking she just wanted everyone to remember how old she is!? =)

to say that macy enjoyed her cake would be a HUGE understatement. she ate more than half of an eight inch cake --- and would have kept on eating if i hadn't taken it from her....BUT the really cute thing was...i took the cake away and she began to frantically sign "more" in sign language - in hopes that I'd bring it back!

thats my girl! --- if you're going to do something....go all in!

One of macy's favorite gifts was a new red wagon. These wagons are are really spruced up nowadays - with cup holders, seatbelts, a door and even storage under the seat! At her party all the babies took rides around the yard. This is macy with her cousin audrey...notice that they are both chewing on their 'victory medals' they had won earlier from the "Baby Race"

We can not believe that Macy is already one. Life without her is unimaginable.


The Pereira Family said...

awesome pictures! how far can that girl get her finger up her nose? impressive.

Katherine said...

WOW! A year flew by! We are so sad we missed the party. Dryver can't wait to meet Macy. Hope to see you guys soon!!!

katy and stu said...

I LOVE the pictures!! Still disappointed we missed the party:( I just can't believe how much Macy is growing! Looks like the party was a huge hit! I already know that Brooks can't wait to ride in the wagon with Macy-girl! love you all!

Ched said...

Nice. Macy made short work of that cake with impressive dexterity.


Late congrats on graduating from Truett.