Friday, May 2, 2008

...its been FOREVER - i know!

Here are a few recent photos of MACY JOY. She is ALL over the place....and getting into everything! this is a real fun stage.
(sidenote: i'm still having drama uploading my vertical photos onto blogger-and them staying vertical.....therefore, while these photos are cute the BEST are just use your imagination! =) she is precious.

Macy loves to play in peyton's crate AND with peyton's water bowl....we've had to change wet clothes MANY times!

I wanted to take bluebonnet pictures this year just like last year (same 'outfits' and everything) I didn't think it all the way through....last time MJ was about 3 months-this time around all she wanted to do was run around the field! Needlesstosay, our "family photos" in the bluebonnets are of scott and I smiling and Macy trying with all her might to get out of our lap!! =)

Jello anyone?

Daddy attacked macy with her hair bows and was really precious - scott and macy sat on the kitchen floor for about 20 minutes playing with bows! i couldn't believe she let him put ALL those clips in her hair!


Summers said...

So cute...and SO FUN! Isn't being a parent the best? Stephen and I look at Anna almost every day and say to each other, "isn't she the best?" So glad yall are doing well.

The Pereira Family said...

Man she's getting big! Miss y'all!!

A said...

Scott and Stephanie- just heard about your blog from Vickie! I love it. Macy is so big. It's great to hear everything going on.


Kellye Frazier said...

She is getting so big and looking just precious!!! Where are you guys now? Still in Waco? We are hoping to come in late June and would love to catch up again!