Monday, January 7, 2008

Macy's Kitchen is a HIT!

We are starting to prepare to move. And our friends, the Carney's & Fillinghams, came over the other night to 'hang out' one last time 'at our place' before we move....we ate, watched our babies play, laughed and played a game. FUN!
I love watching babies play together. Its amazing to watch and see how they interact, share and communicate. Noelle, Roy and Macy played really well with her kitchen --- one would cook on the range, the other would make sure the water faucet worked, while the other stocked the fridge!
Macy also helped josh load the of her favorite things to do!


Summers said...

She is SO happy! I love that. Aren't they a blast??!! I see Scott in her smile in the bottom pic. So glad y'all are doing well and the kitchen is a big hit. I know it gives a parent great joy when a gift is popular! : )

The Pereira Family said...

Love these pictures! Roy is covered in drool!!! So cute. I think we should have a Shelton/Pereira night soon as well. I LOVED Chick-Fil-A with y'all last night. I'm still laughing that we both showed up there. Meant to be my friend...meant to be.